The Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 states that to be a member of the Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) you must be an Aboriginal person which means a person who:

  • Is a member of the Aboriginal race of Australia, and
  • Identifies as an Aboriginal person, and
  • Is accepted by the Aboriginal community as an Aboriginal person

To join Tharawal LALC you must first fill out the Application for Membership of Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council which can be found through this link:
Application for Membership of Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council

The application can be sent by post to PO Box 168, 220 West Parade, Couridjah, NSW 2571 or by e-mail to

Once the application is received, a confirmation letter will be sent out. A board meeting will review the application which, if successful, will be forwarded to a members meeting for approval. The new applicant must be attend the members meeting to be accepted.

New Membership Form for Local Aboriginal Land Council
Previous Local Aborginal Land Council Membership Declaration Form 

Members Meeting Minutes:

Tharawal LALC Members Meeting Minutes – 4th December, 2011
Tharawal LALC Special Members Meeting Minutes – 24th January, 2012 

Tharawal Newsletters:

Tharawal Newsletter (Yandel’ora) Issue 1 – Oct 2011
Tharawal Newsletter (Yandel’ora) Issue 2 – July 2012

Acts and Legislation:

Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983
Aboriginal Land Rights Amendment Bill

Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 2002 
Build & Grow Aborginal Community Housing Strategy
Crown Lands Act 1989 
National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 
NSW Fishing Rules and Regulations


Tharawal Housing Policy – Overview
Tharawal Housing Application 
Tharawal LALC Tenant Newsletter: Issue One  – Issue Two – Issue Three

Medical and Transport:

Funeral Assistant Grants: InformationApplication
Stop Wilton Airport 


Guide to Aboriginal Ownership and Joint Management of Lands in NSW 
Local Aboriginal Land Council Contact Details
NSW ALC Fact Sheets
Tharawal LALC Flowchart
Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country – Guidelines and Protocols for NSW Public Schools and TAFE NSW  
Community Safety Survey in Wollondilly – Information  – Survey  
Out of Credit (VIDEO) – Part One / Part Two 
The Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations 
Aboriginal Mission Plight Highlights Living Conditions Concern (VIDEO) 
Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System 

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NSW Aboriginal Land Council Regional Areas 
Tharawal LALC Location

Tharawal LALC Boundary
Other LALCs bordering Tharawal
Dharawal Reserves 

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