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About Us

Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council [TLALC] was established on the 1/1/1983, under the Aboriginal Lands Rights Act NSW 1983 [ALRA]. Introduced in NSW to compensate Aboriginal people for the dispossession of their land. The ALRA enables Local Aboriginal Land Councils [LALCs] to claim NSW Crown Land that is owned and managed by the State Government.

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Our Vision Statement

The aims and objectives of the Tharawal LALC must be in accordance with the statutory objectives set out in section 51 of the ALRA, namely:

To improve, protect and foster the best interests of all Aboriginal persons within the Council’s area and other persons who are members of the Council.

In accordance with the objective, the Tharawal LALC has adopted the following Vision and Values Statement to enable Tharawal LALC to meet its charter:

To promote the following values in the delivery of services to our members and community:

· Recognition

Tharawal LALC recognises the Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of this country.

· Respect

Tharawal LALC respects the heritage and the cultural values and needs of our members and our community.

· Accountability

Tharawal LALC will consult with and collaborate with our members, staff and business partners in an open, transparent and accountable manner.

·  Caring and Sharing

Tharawal LALC will in its dealings with members, staff and others extend appropriate importance to confidentiality, duty of care, ethical behaviour and empathy.

· Fairness

Tharawal LALC will ensure that every member, staff, Board member and other relevant stakeholders will be treated fairly and equitably.

· Honesty and Integrity

Tharawal LALC will undertake its responsibilities with honesty and integrity and in the best interests of our organisation.

· Professionalism and pro-activeness

Tharawal LALC will strive to achieve high standards of excellence, professionalism and quality in the delivery of services to our members and community.