- Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council -

culture & heritage

Land Conservation and regeneration

Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council aim to protect, care, and manage the land and waterways within our boundaries as our Ancestors had done for thousands of years.

By protecting sacred sites of cultural significance, conserving green spaces, removing rubbish and pollutants from our waterways, and introduced species of animals and plants from our land and replacing these with the revegetation of traditional native plants and species to heal our country so it can be enjoyed for many future generations to come.

Cultural Heritage Site Assessments

Our Culture and Heritage Officer accompanies Archaeologists and Anthropologists on to country to determine the possibility that any new development on the undisturbed land will not damage or destroy any Aboriginal artifacts including scar trees, grinding stones, middens, paintings and carvings.

It is essential under the Environmental Protection Act and National Parks and Wildlife Act that these assessments be undertaken before a development application can be made.

Repatriation of human remains and Artefacts.

Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council will ensure that any human remains discovered will be reburied on country in a safe, secure place with sensitivity, dignity, and respect. Any Artifacts found and deemed not suitable for display for Educational purposes will be reburied as close to where they were discovered following traditional protocols.

Cultural Education

Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council will protect and promote our Aboriginal Culture. We believe it is important Aboriginal children are aware of their traditional culture and they have a sense of belonging and pride.

By teaching Aboriginal children their culture it ensures the Aboriginal Culture and traditional language survives and thrives for future generations. By promoting the Aboriginal culture among the wider community it will create a better understanding and appreciation of the Aboriginal people and the significant connection they have to the land and water.